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      雅思 口语中有关珠宝的话题



      1.Do you like jewelry?

      I'm fond of collecting jewelry, but I rarely wear most of the pieces I own.I purchase jewelry on every trip as sentimental souvenirs、

      2.What kind of jewelry do you wear the most?

      i have no peferrence for any kind of jewelry, but. i have a long gold chain with a diamond cross on it that belonged to my grandmother that ive only taken off about 5 times since it was given to me.

      3.Why some people like to wear jewelry

      Today, people wear jewelry to express themselves. These days, everything in fashion is about being oneself, or about projecting one's personality. Jewelry is not exempt from this trend / motto. This is why there are eye-catching statement rings; and why reputable jewelry retailers accept custom-made orders.

      4.Have you bought any jewelry?

      yes, I'm fond of collecting jewelry. I bought beautiful Venetian glass bead necklaces and bracelets on a trip to Italy when I was thirteen.I then began purchasing jewelry on every trip as sentimental souvenirs. I also buy jewelry as gifts rather than picking up tee shirts or other items from tacky tourist shops.

      5.Do you wear many jewels?

      I don't wear too much jewelry but I wear studs and small hoops in my ears everyday and sometimes I wear small necklace.



      Describe a book you have recently read(new)

      You should say:

      What type/kind of book it was

      What it was about

      Where you read it

      How you felt about the book

      PART 3

      In your country, who would ask children to read, schools or parents?

      Do you prefer paper books or E-books?

      Do you think printed books will continue to exist?

      Do you think parents should continue reading?

      What kind of books do children read?

      雅思口语part2?#27573;?br />  

      I recently read Tagore's Stray Birds. This book contains more than 300 poems, whose themes are common things such as birds, grass, rivers and so on.


      The book's greatest feature is brevity.Tagore always conveys himself understanding and thinking according to natural landscape.Tagore is good at describing animals and plants in nature. And he wants to emphasized freedom and vitality through careful description. My grandma send me Tagore's Stray Birdsinthe bookstore. She often reminds me to read more books rather than spend lots of time on playingand studying.


      At that time, I didn't understand why grandmasentthis book to me. However, when I opened the Tagore's Stray Birds, I was deeply attracted by the poems. This book contains many interesting stories about nature. These stories make me feel the freedom and vitality of life. Through Tagore's Stray Birds, I love life more.


      雅思口语part3?#27573;?br />  

      In your country, who would ask children to read, schools or parents?

      In our country, parents usually ask their children to read books. The traditional Chinese education culture encourage parents as the first teacher for children. In childhood, parents read books before their children go to bed. Therefore, children are gradually being affected to read.


      Do you prefer paper books or E-books?

      I prefer e-books. First, e-books are easy to carry and light. The traditional paper books are heavy.If I travel,it willtake my space up.Second, e-books canstoremany books. I can always find what I want to see in e-books. Third, the cost of e-books is very low. Usually, paper books are more expensive than e-books, which are not good for people who often purchase books.


      Do you think printed books will continue to exist?

      Yes. E-books will disappear due to power failure or failure. However, printed books will always exist whatever there is electricity. The printed book is very memorable because it is like an album that records past memories and notes.


      Do you think parents should continue reading?

      I think parents should continue reading. First, parent could expand new concepts rely on reading. Because sometimes the idea that parents used to know is out of date. Second, reading is a learning process, and parents will learn new skills through reading.

      我觉得父母应该继续读书。第一,读书可以扩展新的观念。父母可以通过阅读收获最新的观念。因为父母过去知道的观念会因为时间而过时。第二,阅读是一个学习的过程,父母会通过阅读学习新?#35760;傘?br />  

      What kind of books do children read?

      Children love comic books. Because there are more pictures than words in the comic book, children prefer those pictures. And the content of comic books is simple, and there is no complex thinking.




      There are a lot of foods I like. It is quite difficult to think of one. So, let me talk about a popular menu in my country which is one of my favoritefoods also. It is steamed/plain rice and chicken adobo. “Adobo” is the local name. Adobo can bebeef, pork, chicken, fish or even vegetablesbut I like the chicken adobo particularly.


      I will talk about how I cook my very own chicken adobo. A small amount of oil is placed in a heated pan. Then, sauté (fried quickly in a little hot fat) garlic until it turns golden brown. Add in onions. Add the chicken and sauté until it turns a little brown. Pour in about 2 cups of water andlet it boil. After about 30 minutes, add about 2 spoonful of sugar, whole peppercorns and let it simmer. Then add about one fourth cup of so sauce and let it boil for about 5 minutes. Then it is done and ready to be served. You may also add some vegetables like potatoes or fruits like banana or pineapple.

      I like it because it is easy to prepare and it is verydelicious. I am not quite sure about itsnutritional benefits but I am sure that we can get some nutrients in it too, especially if vegetables are added.

      This recipe is common in my country and I eat it about three to four times a week. I like it because it does not require much effort to prepare and it is also not expensive.



      Describe a product from another country that you bought.

      You should say:

      what it was

      where you bought it

      what you use it for

      and explain why you bought it.


      Ok, well the first thing that came to mind when I saw this topic was olive oil, because I bought a bottle of it not that long ago, and if I’m not mistaken, I think it was from either Italy or Spain, so that’s what I’ve decided to talk about.

      And as for where I got it, well, it was actually just from my local supermarket, because it’s now started selling quite a few imported products, which I’m really happy about, as I always enjoy trying new things, especially stuff from other countries.

      And with regard to what I use the olive oil for, well, I’d say I use it for most of my cooking now, because it goes well with pretty much everything, especially bread and pasta, as you probably know, so I’m getting through it quite quickly, and I think I’m actually turning into a bit of an addict!

      But anyway, as for what made me decide to buy it, well firstly, it’s apparently meant to be really good for you, so it’s basically a lot healthier than most other kinds of cooking oil. And another thing to mention would be that I remember tasting some olive oil at a Western restaurant I went to a couple of weeks ago, and I liked it so much that I made a mental note to get some when I next went to the supermarket.

      So yeah, I guess these would be the main reasons, and even though it’s quite a bit more expensive than ordinary cooking oil, I reckon it’s definitely worth it.

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